WizeDrive Fleet Tracking Technology is a real time tracking company with superior products and strives for excellence and quality service delivery. Customers are our first priority and have full control through web-bases software.

With this in mind a team of focused professionals have spent many years within the various industries and cultures of logistics, fleet management and vehicle tracking. The group realised the need for something different and pooled their ideas to create truly valuable tracking and monitoring products. The development team have worked with some of the best engineers and technicians in producing a product range that can suit an individual, family, small business or a large fleet operator.

Over the years tracking products have changed from being a product that is just used for insurance cover and to aid the recovery of that stolen vehicle, to that of effective fleet management in controlling operating costs and the knowledge of the whereabouts of loved ones and employees.

We pride ourselves knowing that we offer a product to best suit our customers needs.

Some features of our monitoring products

Fleet Monitoring

WizeDrive is designed to manage the everyday operation of your fleet, where it is going, where it has been, where are they now....This option includes the following features:

  • Real time tracking (update every 10 sec)
  • Tracking across our borders into the rest of Africa
  • Two way voice communication
  • Geographical fencing of areas
  • Speed monitoring
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Fuel / Power cut-off
  • satellite view
  • Street view
  • Management reports
  • Month to month contracts


Vehicle and motorcycle tracking

WizeDrive allows the man on the street to keep an eye on that prized possession, his vehicle or motorcycle. There is a saying " a man's vehicle/motorcycle is a reflection of himself.." If you really want to look after your vehicle or motorcycle security is your first concern. If you are hiring or using your bike or cars for everyday courier movements WizeDrive has the answer. This option includes the following:

  • Real time tracking
  • Speed monitoring
  • Panic button
  • Create own reports
  • Mont to month contracts


Personal Tracking

WizeDrive know that knowing where loved ones or employees are has always been impossible without physically following them. Worried about people you know traveling long distances? Now you can see where they are, where they are going and also the history of where they have been.

  • Real time tracking (Updates every 10 seconds)
  • Speed monitoring
  • Panic button
  • Carry on key-ring
  • Month to month contract



The WizeDrive system is compatible with WAP enabled cellphones. This give you the power to track your vehicle in real life and get daily reports on your cellphone.


Questions and enquiries can be adressed to info@wizedrive.com